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Desert Photography

We went to Sante Fe, NM to Bandelier National Park. It was one of the best hike we've taken and I got to take some cool photos. I highly recommend going there - it was enlightening.

Get Real. Get Hired.

Our marketing team came up with the quick phrase "Get Real. Get Hired." to better explain OSUIT's college philosophy. Since OSUIT is a technical college, the OSU Marketing Team in Stillwater let us branch off of the traditional OSU "Create, Educate, Innovate."
That message really didn't target to our students seeking a technical degree. We need something quick and to the point. I created this logo to look hands-on, casual, colorful and modern to better fit our student demographic.


Hutch Knives

Yes, Hutch Knives is my husband's blog and hobby. So of course I helped out by putting my fingerprint on the look and feel of his brand. I have made some promo material and still have some more to do, once he starts selling his knives more. He hand makes all his blades and handles/sheaths - pretty impressive, especially when you see how he built a homemade knife oven.

Stupid Talk

Here's a little booklet I made, while in school, that captures ridiculous quotes of infamous people. The booklet spreads look serious, like a typical coffee table book, but the quotes make the book ironic. Mariah Carey quotes "When I watch TV and see those poor starving kids all over the world, I can't help but cry. I mean, I'd love to be skinny like that, but not with all those flies and death and stuff." Al Gore quotes "I invented the internet."

New Business Cards

Here are a few new business cards I've created.

Annual Report

This annual report is for Teva Pharmaceuticals. Though it looks professional, I made this while I was in school, for a class project. I pushed the boundaries of a typical boring annual report and made the typography look smart, clean and scientific. Even the graph's are pretty. I used photographs of happy, natural looking people to give the idea that the products or medicine is impacting lives. The cover is a green abstract with DNA ring-like scribbles, created to look like cellular growth and genetic engineering.